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Established in 1974, it is a company with a staff of 30 persons. Eurosilber exports 60% of his silver and gold production, punctuality, commitment and costancy are the most importants features of the company.

The style of the products is classic but always up-to-date, the collection is very big, the customers can find earrings for every requirement, necklesses, bracelets, classic pendents like zodiacs or crosses but also actuals and moderns.

The company developed with family values and traditions. Eurosilber has a showroom near Vicenza Fair where buyers and wholesalers can buy with the support of a skilled staff.

Uffici Offices organize and efficient for giving to the customer always the greater rapidity and elegance in the service.

StabilimentoA factory very equipped and structured for being flexible is to the market requirements is to the requirements of customers with necessity outside standard.

Show room first floor  
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